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Rumor has it that Sony is working on a new DualSense device

Rumor has it that Sony is working on a new DualSense device

The Sony It may work on a new generation of DualSense controllers for PlayStation 5. Sources heard by journalist Tom Henderson, who recently spread rumors about the new horror game Hideo Kojimastated that the more exclusive model of the accessory is scheduled to be announced in the coming weeks.

The second generation DualSense will be codenamed “Hunt”. Among the features, it will have control of analog sticks and removable back buttons. According to Henderson, the claims of the sources were accompanied by photos of the prototype, which were sent on the condition that the photos were not published.

With removable analog sticks, the player will only be able to change the directional pad if components fail, such as drifting or not recognizing movement.

Triggers can also be rethought, incorporating a so-called “trigger stop”, or “paradas de Trigger” in the literal translation into Portuguese. The part is a common modification to consoles and FPS triggers, designed to reduce trigger lag by removing the required travel distance beyond the usual trigger point. In terms of design, the ‘DualSense Pro’ can have a removable grip, ensuring more grip options for the player.

The sources did not specify the date of the disclosure of control, and only indicated that the announcement would be made soon. Recently, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreyer pointed out that Sony is preparing for an event to reveal the release date God of War Ragnarok.

source: Try the hard guides