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Rumour: The detachable reader for the alleged new PS5 will not be compatible with the current digital version

removable drive PS5 is supposed to be coming soon It “likely won’t be compatible” with the console’s current digital version, according to insider Tom Henderson.

If true, this should limit the use of the removable drive for this new version of ps5 And it would embarrassingly leave existing PS5 owners without discs and unable to afford them.

Henderson, who provided a “small update” as a tweet, also says that the new PS5 will be essentially “gen 2”. It also indicates that the new console will not Major hardware fixes on the original model. He added that he expects production to begin in April and hit stores in September this year.

Obviously, remember that it’s all rumors and Sony hasn’t officially announced anything (not even this new console model). Also, on the issue of reader compatibility, there’s always the possibility that Sony will release a firmware update that will make older consoles compatible, if it’s just a matter of software, not hardware.

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