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Runaway bride: Bruna says her relationship with Bernardo is 'nice', but thinks only of celebrating Santo Antonio and quickly 'traveling' to Brazil - The Mag

Runaway bride: Bruna says her relationship with Bernardo is ‘nice’, but thinks only of celebrating Santo Antonio and quickly ‘traveling’ to Brazil – The Mag

The 26-year-old Brazilian YouTuber who was born in Tubarao, Santa Catarina, confirmed, upon leaving the home of “Big Brother – Desavio Final”, that she had won, That won’t stay in Portugal, where’s her boyfriendRally driver Bernardo Sousa, 34.

“I still haven’t thought about whether my future will pass further through Portugal or Brazil. I have a lot of things to solve in Brazil. I have to go there right away. My team, everyone who works with me, is there. I have many professionals who They work with me and I can’t leave them.”“I am responsible,” she warned, assuming professional obligations bore her on the other side of the Atlantic.

For now, Bruna wants to enjoy the festive season in Lisbon. “I still don’t know when I’m going, but I want to have fun here first. If Bernardo doesn’t want to go to Santo Antonio, he should stay home, because I’m going. It’s nice. He’ll want to move on.” admits.

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Bruna Gomez’s crazy nights in Lisbon

The grand winner of TVI’s recent “reality show” ensures that “I still did not imagine coming here to live. Your country and people are amazing, kind and loving. You are strong and resilient people who have given me many good things.” Now I’m really curious to see what homes, streets, parties and food look like.”

Bruna jokes that her employees in Brazil are asking her to come back, because they know she is the golden goose of digital business, and at the moment, the team is at a standstill. “My people in Brazil have already said: “There will be no vacation for Bruna.” There is no vacation. I just spoke with my team, the holiday was inside “BB”. I’m going back to work full of desire to do my job and a lot of creativity. I look forward to working too. Here I can create and say whatever I want. I’m very excited to work.”

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Enjoy depositing when you can in Portugal

The only thing that connects it with Portugal, besides Bernardo, is the Santuantina parties and experience the feeling of Portuguese. Bruno explains: “I feel so embraced by Portugal, I wasn’t really expecting all this affection. I’m happy. I had already expected that it would be a very wonderful experience because in my work in Brazil some Portuguese women were already following me and sending me very affectionate and inspiring messages. I knew I would already have some special people to start this program.”

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Bruna Gomez and Bernardo Sousa were swallowed up by the fans

The winner with 91% of the audience vote, the highest ever in “Reality”, says she’s ready for a short but intense stay in Portugal. “I will be staying for the next few days for appointments and getting to know your country. I really want to hug the Portuguese people and go out into the street to hug the fans. This energy will be very important. Even to renovate it because I was inside the house for three months with ten other people,” he complains.

And about inviting her boyfriend to go to the city of lovers, Bruna explains: “I haven’t spoken to Bernardo about Paris yet, but I want to go. I will charge. But she will be on vacation because now I will have to work”. “I will leave it in a little while because now I will have to go to Brazil to sort things out. I packed a super-fast suitcase thinking I would be staying here for 15 days and stayed here for three months.

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Dating Yes, but there are no expectations there

Santa Catarina She claims that she slept the first night out with her boyfriend at the hotel and swore that they talked. “I actually spoke to Bernardo about our relationship. The first day was full of joy and information. A lot happened because of the ‘reality show’. In both my personal and professional life. There was a lot to work out. Bernardo and I are happy and concerned about this stage and we want to go the best way. You can’t put your expectations out there.”

“Life is not a strawberry,” Bruna jokes, showing her feet firmly on the ground: “Bernard and I are adults and we know the truth about things and that new challenges lie ahead. We’re excited, no matter what, we’re great friends and we support each other. We root for each other every step of the way. Let’s live the moment quietly and enjoy it a lot. There is so much to do.”

She said she found a balance with Bernardo

The good thing that happened inside the house was that Bernardo awakened in Bruna a feeling that I thought had been lost: “My relationship with Bernardo opened my eyes to the fact that a relationship can have a perfect balance and things can be balanced.”

This was something the influencer worried about because “today everyone is so independent and we end up running over each other to make it work”. “He knows how to talk and respects my space and my rhythm. He’s gentle and relaxed and I want more. You can have a super healthy relationship and everyone has to be independent.”

Bruna Gomez wins ‘Big Brother – Final Duel’

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