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Russia and Japan |  Russia warns Japan against “cunning tricks”: – They will have serious consequences

Russia and Japan | Russia warns Japan against “cunning tricks”: – They will have serious consequences

After its defeat in World War II, Japan imposed strict rules on arms exports. Today, Japan is an important ally of the United States, but it has not directly contributed weapons to Ukraine.

Now Japan is considering sending air defense to the United States, and this upsets Russia. Ukraine is struggling to obtain enough anti-aircraft missiles to stop Russian attacks, and the United States and the West are struggling to produce enough ammunition.

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Japan possesses a large quantity of Patriot missiles, which it is now considering returning to the United States. Patriot is an air defense system developed by the United States, which has proven in Ukraine to be very effective.

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Just before Christmas, Ukraine announced that it had shot down three Russian fighter jets on the same day, and the Patriot system was supposedly behind it.

The missiles that Japan now wants to send to the United States will not end up in Ukraine, but if the United States obtains them, the Americans could send a similar quantity to Ukraine, without compromising American readiness.

– It will have serious consequences for the relationship between Japan and Russia, warns Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, citing a Danish newspaper. Berlingsky.

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