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Russia strengthens its military on the border with Poland

Russia strengthens its military on the border with Poland

  • A regiment equipped with the Boston missile system will appear in the Kaliningrad region. It uses supersonic anti-onyx missiles, but they have also been used to strike land targets.
  • The formation of the mechanized section on the Polish border is coming to an end. In the fall it will be ready for full war
  • Russia and Belarus are preparing for the Japat-2021 military exercises scheduled for September
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The district includes the Kaliningrad Oblast on the border with Poland, the border areas with Belarus, the center of the European part of the country with Moscow and the northwest with St. Petersburg.

– The actions of our Western counterparts are destroying the security system of the world and forcing us to take active counter-measures. (…) By the end of this year, about 20 groups and military units will be formed in the Western Military District, Shojku said.

The creation of these systems – “will be synchronized with the supply of modern weapons and military equipment,” he added. By 2021, about 2,000 people will be sent to the military. Weapons.

In addition, as Shoiku said, Russia is training its forces and improving their products. He gave the example of the Baltic Navy, in which the intensity of combat preparation exercises for ships increased by 30 percent. Shoiku explained that the Navy “conducted more than 200 exercises using a variety of weapons.”

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A new division in Kaliningrad Oblast

The Izvestia newspaper reports that a Boston supersonic missile systems force will be deployed in Kaliningrad Oblast in 2021. They are armed with Onyx anti-ship missiles, which range from Russian sources to 600 km. So it is bigger than land based iskanders. According to the Russian newspaper, they are able to neutralize medium-range missiles stationed in Poland and Lithuania. In 2016, they were used by land-based targets in Syria.

It is also known that the formation of a mechanized section on the slope ends. In the fall it will be ready for full war. It will have three mechanized regiments and one armored regiment. There will be artillery and missile units and several independent battalions.

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Arrangements for Zapat-21 training

Russia’s defense minister has accused NATO and the United States of increasing operational and war preparations near Russia’s borders.

Shoaib said Russia and Belarus were preparing for the Japat-2021 (Western 2021) military exercises scheduled for September. They are to be held on the basis of Belarusian training. Arrangements have “come to an active stage”, so far “command post training has been carried out” – he said. He assured that the joint maneuvers between Russia and Belarus were defensive and that international observers and journalists would be invited. Shoyuk added that Russia’s allies would be “informed of the parameters of the exercises.”

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Source: BAP, Interfax