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Russia, Ukraine |  Anger against Russia from the cell: – The same idiots are still in command

Russia, Ukraine | Anger against Russia from the cell: – The same idiots are still in command

Well-known Russian ultra-nationalist and militaristic blogger, Igor Girkin, attacks his authorities in a new post. He believes that the war is not going in Russia's favor.

Evolution is moving in the wrong direction. There will be no mobilization, at least not before “the elections,” as Gerkin writes.

The last time the Kremlin announced a major mobilization during the war, in September 2022, Putin's popularity declined.

By writing “elections” in quotes, the military blogger also makes a sarcastic criticism of the Russian presidential elections scheduled for March 15, where there is no doubt who will win.

Girkin himself wants to run for president, but is currently detained awaiting a trial involving accusations of extremism from Russian authorities. Girkin has become increasingly critical of Putin over time, according to one of them A long and bloody career behind him as a Russian soldier. It was mentioned, among other things Putin: “Very nice”.

I don't think Putin has anyone to attack

Now Girkin believes that Russian recruitment is proceeding too slowly, and that the soldiers brought in by the army are only going to fill the “gaps” that arise in the Russian army:

-In the spring we won't have anyone or anything to attack. Judging from the letter, a large-scale attack is not planned. Our focus is on waiting until Ukraine's defenses collapse on their own, or until negotiations begin.

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He warns that this is far from ideal.

– In the meantime, under these conditions, the Ukrainians will regain their power, writes Girkin.

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Tracks the new Ukrainian attack

It is expected that Ukraine will attempt another attack at the appropriate time, despite its failure last year:

“Personally, I have no doubt they will try again,” Gerken wrote in the letter shared by his officials. Telegram channel With over 500,000 followers.

It is not certain that the next attack will be as modest and unsuccessful as the first. Ukrainians know how to learn, while the same fools are still with us in command, Girkin is angry.

Then he mentions, among other things, the Russian attack on Avdijivka, which began at the beginning of October.

Despite losing large numbers of personnel and tanks in the attack, the Russians did not make much progress:

– The liberation of Marzhinka and Avdiivka, if done at all, would offer absolutely nothing strategic, and would certainly cost too much, Girkin wrote.

The letter is also dated December 8, 2023, but was first published on January 11. Ukraine's defense minister said on Boxing Day that Ukrainian forces had largely withdrawn from the Donetsk town of Majinka.

Before the war, Marginka had a population of about 10,000 people, and today it is described as a semi-abandoned and ruined ghost town. It is located less than 30 kilometers southwest of the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk. Ukraine has now established new defense lines outside the city, where heavy fighting is taking place, according to the United StatesKreinian Defense Minister Valery Zalozhny.

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