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Russia, Ukraine |  Putin has had Trump around his little finger for some time

Russia, Ukraine | Putin has had Trump around his little finger for some time

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The US Congress continues to delay approval of a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine. According to British-American expert Fiona Hill, the desire to mock Joe Biden outweighs the Ukrainians' need for support.

The problem is that many members of Congress will not give Biden victory, regardless of the front. People can't separate giving Biden a win and giving Ukraine the help it needs to win. “They're thinking less about American security, European security, international security and foreign policy, and more about how to make fun of Biden,” Hill says. POLITICO.

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– They act like Putin

Hill argues that the war in Ukraine is important to Americans because authoritarian regimes cannot be allowed to succeed with military superiority against smaller countries. In addition, she believes that losing Ukraine would weaken the United States' position in geopolitics.

During Donald Trump's presidency, Hill was a security policy advisor with a focus on Russia and Europe. Hill now compares his former colleagues to the man to whom the Americans gave billions of dollars to fight on the battlefield.

– Members of Congress are doing exactly the same thing as Vladimir Putin, which they hate and will deny. But Putin wants Biden to lose, and so do they (members of Congress, note in the Journal), Hill says.

Trump is unfortunate for NATO

Donald Trump has stated on several occasions that Europe must take responsibility for its security and has threatened to withdraw the United States from the defense alliance. He also said that the war in Ukraine would never have happened if he had been president. Hill believes Putin has Trump around his little finger.

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– Putin has clearly had Trump around his little finger for some time. He knows how to manipulate him and was very good at currying favor with Trump. He sees Trump as an asset, Hill says in a podcast episode One Decision Podcast.

This summer, Netavisen spoke with UIO University and Norwegian Defense Academy professor Jan Haaland Matlare, then referred to Trump's win as music to Putin's ears.

– It would be big for Russia if Trump is re-elected, the entire NATO presence would also come into play. His victory is something that must be taken into account and planned for to happen. From a strategic point of view, if Trump wins, we will have to bear much more of the burden ourselves, including in NATO. In this case, we will have a very turbulent time in which we Europeans will have to lead ourselves, the expert said.

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