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Russia vetoed Security Council condemnation of annexation - VG

Russia vetoed Security Council condemnation of annexation – VG

As one of five countries to veto the Security Council, Russia vetoed the annexation condemnation on Friday. China abstained.


During the meeting of the UN Security Council, they first raised the so-called “referendums” in the occupied Ukrainian regions, and they voted on a statement on whether to condemn the so-called referendums in the Russian-occupied provinces of Ukraine.

Russia is one of five countries on the council, and it has vetoed it. China abstained.

Earlier Friday, Russia announced President Vladimir Putin said that the four regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya are now part of Russia.

At the same time, he said, attacks on these areas would be seen as directed against Russia itself.

  • Annexation means that a country seizes the territory of another country and declares it its own.

It will be subject to veto

Norway’s representative, Mona Juul, said it was very unfortunate, and asked for a separate review of this type of veto.

The Security Council has the responsibility to prevent aggressive acts and violations of international law. It was very unfortunate that this decision had been halted by a veto by a member.

It is wrong that Russia, the invading power, should also be able to prevent the Council’s actions aimed at ending the aggression.

Ireland and Ghana, like Norway, both say Russia’s veto stands in the way of the UN mandate. Ireland is also requesting a review.

Strongly rejected: Mona Juul, Norway’s representative to the Security Council, says it is unfortunate that the resolution was halted due to Russia’s veto.

Ukraine: puppet theater

Ukraine also attended the Security Council meeting.

The representative of Ukraine, Sergey Kiselitsya, said that his lonely hand against the resolution has once again become evidence of Russia’s isolation and Russia’s desperate attempt to deny reality, referring to the fact that Russia was the only country that used its veto.

Following in their master’s footsteps in Moscow, Putin’s delegation held a puppet show tonight in an attempt to deny the obvious: that an aggressive regime in Russia is heading for inevitable defeat.

He also strongly opposed the use of the veto in the Security Council.

We are tired of repeating it: allowing Russia to veto UN Security Council resolutions prevents this organization from carrying out its primary mission according to the UN treaty: maintaining international peace and security.

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Kislitsia also said he believed that Russia illegally seized the permanent seat occupied by the Soviet Union on the Security Council, and that this was inconsistent with the UN treaty.

– This turned Russia into a cancerous tumor in the Security Council. It must be removed before it spreads to the entire United Nations system. It’s time to work. If this council succeeds in dealing with Russia, it has a duty to operate without Russia.

Nord Stream leak

The meeting was also addressed Leaks in Nord Stream pipelines.

Seismologists have recorded powerful explosions, and politicians and experts have described them as a deliberate act – that is, sabotage.

Refers a lot to RussiaWhich in turn rejects the accusations and describes them as “absurd.”

On Friday, Putin accused the United States of being behind the leaks.

The representative of Russia, Vasily Alekseevich Nebenzia, in the Security Council, also pointed an accusing finger at the United States and asked it to answer directly whether it was involved in sabotage.

Absurd conspiracy theories

He said it would not be an advantage for Russia if the gas pipelines were destroyed, but said it would be an advantage for the United States as it could supply Europe with gas instead.

Earlier on Friday, the US Secretary of State called the allegations that they were behind it absurd.

Britain said during the meeting that Russia was coming up with absurd conspiracy theories and trying to divert attention from hostilities in Ukraine.

The United States says the same and responds to Russia’s invitation.

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– Let me be clear. Richard M. Mills Jr. said the United States categorically denies any involvement in this incident and rejects any suggestion otherwise.