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Russia, Vladimir Putin |  The terrifying pictures coming from Russia are supposed to show the torture of the accused terrorist

Russia, Vladimir Putin | The terrifying pictures coming from Russia are supposed to show the torture of the accused terrorist

On Friday, masked men began shooting around a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow. At the time of writing, Russian authorities reported that 133 people had died. According to Russian authorities, four people were arrested.

There are now photos of the arrests of some of the alleged perpetrators.

The video shows a person walking towards a prisoner transport vehicle surrounded by masked Russian soldiers, with blood pouring from his head. Another film shows the possible cause of the head injuries.

In one of the films, you can see how one of the men is lying tied behind his back on the ground, with several men on top of him. One of the men cut off his ear, while the suspected terrorist screamed loudly. The ear is then stuffed into the man's mouth in an attempt to get him to eat his own ear.

– Eat, you bastard! The police say in the clip as they write Medusa

So far, it has been mainly Russian Telegram users who have shared photos and videos. But the state-controlled RIA news agency also published photos of one of the perpetrators. They identified him as Rajab Alizadeh.

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– Weak Russian skills

Baza, a Telegram channel with strong ties to Russian security authorities, wrote that intelligence officers were quickly able to identify the men's accomplices. He did not mention whether the torture to which the man was subjected in the video contributed to the identification.

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BBC Russia learned that two of the perpetrators were killed when security forces stormed the concert hall, but this has not been confirmed by other sources or Russian authorities.

The RIA news agency wrote that all the perpetrators either spoke Russian poorly or pretended to do so. The interrogations are said to have been conducted in the Tajik language.

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ISIS says they are behind it

The extremist Islamic group ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not comment on the ISIS claims, but claimed that the suspected perpetrators fled in the direction of Ukraine. According to Russian authorities, eleven foreign nationals, including the four perpetrators, were arrested in Bryansk province bordering Ukraine.

Ukraine denies any involvement in the terrorist attack.

An unnamed US official told the Associated Press news agency on Saturday that US intelligence had information showing that ISIS was behind the attack. The United States, like Norway and a number of other countries, condemned the terrorist attack in Russia, and the White House on Saturday described ISIS as a “common terrorist enemy.”

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Zelensky: Putin wants to blame Ukraine

The Ukrainian president said that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to shift the blame for the attack in Moscow on Ukraine.

On Saturday evening, Volodymyr Zelensky spoke for the first time about the terrorist attack that occurred on the outskirts of the Russian capital, Moscow, the night before.

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– What happened yesterday in Moscow is clear: Putin and other scumbags are just trying to shift the blame onto someone else, Zelensky said after Putin said the suspected perpetrators fled in the direction of Ukraine.