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Russia will complete everything in Ukraine - VG

Russia will complete everything in Ukraine – VG

In Saint Petersburg: Vladimir Putin on the podium on Wednesday.

President Vladimir Putin launched a blistering attack on the West, praising Russian patriotism during a visit to Saint Petersburg on Wednesday.


He understands that Russia will complete all that lies in the “special military operation” that he launched on February 24 – which in the rest of the world is called “War”:

“All the tasks of the special military operation that we are carrying out in Donbas and Ukraine will certainly be fulfilled in order to ensure peace and security for the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, in the Crimea and throughout our country from a historical perspective,” he said. tast.

threatens the west

Vladimir Putin also poses a direct threat if the West is to get involved in the Ukraine conflict:

Putin, reproduced by the government body, threatened: “If anyone from abroad intends to interfere in current events, he should know: if they create unacceptable strategic threats to Russia, they should know that our counterattack will come at lightning speed.” Rosskaga Gazeta.

“There are tools for such,” the president says, “that no one can boast of now.”

– And we will not brag, but we will use it if necessary. And I want everyone to know about it. Putin adds, we have made all the decisions on this issue.

– Avoid danger

“Our soldiers and officers avoided a real danger that stuck our country,” Putin says, without specifying what he means by that.

“With their courage, determination and heroism, they prevented a large-scale conflict that would have occurred on our lands,” the Russian president said.

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Putin speaks of the West “not in need of a huge country like Russia” – and that the West believes that Russia is a danger to the West by its very existence.

– New weapon

“But they are the ones who pose a danger to the world,” the news agency quoted the president as saying during a visit to St Petersburg. Ria.

The enemies of our country were forced to create a new geopolitical weapon. In fact, it is nothing new, but a new force, a new force. They relied on “Russian fear” and the neo-Nazis. Year after year, they have turned our neighboring Ukraine into “anti-Russian,” as President Putin claims.

He also claims that there are “more and more” neo-Nazis and foreign mercenaries in Ukraine.

– National

Putin also praises Russian patriotism and Russian democracy:

– The source of strength in our country is the people and its people only. The source of power in Russia is only the people. The patriotic atmosphere is close and understandable to people, because patriotism is the most important value of Russian society, as the president says, reproduced by Ria.

“Representatives of the people – parliamentary parties – always work from a unified position when it comes to basic national interests, to solve the defense and security problems of our Motherland,” Putin said in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.

All parties in the Russian parliament are supporters of President Vladimir Putin.