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Russia with a Western warning

In an official diplomatic message from Moscow, Russia is bringing a new warning to the West.

The two-page letter was sent to the US State Department on Tuesday from the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC. The arms shipments allegedly “add fuel” to the conflict in Ukraine, and Russian diplomats warn the United States, NATO and other allies that they could lead to “unforeseen consequences”.

It’s reports BBC.

Amazing results: The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has made a surprising discovery in a Russian drone. Video: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Reporter: Vigard Krueger.
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The channel wrote that a senior US official believes that the letter shows that Western military assistance to Ukraine has been effective.

The message comes shortly after it became clear that the United States is sending another $800 million in military aid to Ukraine. For the first time, this support includes, among other things, long-range weapons, such as howitzers, as the BBC wrote.

“Moscow”: Russian television commented on the attack on the warship “Moscow”. Video: Twitter. Reporter: Emma Dalin.
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A US Defense Department source told the BBC the warning could be interpreted as an acknowledgment by Russia that military support was working.

In a speech on Friday evening, Ukrainian President Zelensky said he believed the country’s “historic” defense of the country was “torturing” the Russian authorities.

He also said he believed the world should be prepared for the Russians to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

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