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Russian editor sentenced to more than eight years in prison – NRK Urix – Foreign Affairs and Documentaries

Russian editor sentenced to more than eight years in prison – NRK Urix – Foreign Affairs and Documentaries

In March 2022, Russian editor Marina Ovszhannikova (45) stormed into the studio during a live broadcast on one of Russia’s largest TV channels carrying a poster titled “Don’t Believe the Propaganda” and “Stop the War.”

Ovszhannikova, who worked for the state television channel Kanal 1, protested against the Russian war in Ukraine.

She then received a fine of 30,000 rubles, the equivalent of about 2,500 Norwegian kroner. She was then convicted of violating Russia’s protest law.

However, in July 2022, she campaigned again. This time, standing near the Kremlin, holding a sign that read, “Putin is a killer.” “His soldiers are fascists.”

Ovsjannikova documented this and published it on public channels.

She was unpopular with the Russian authorities.

It is this protest that means she has now been sentenced to spend eight and a half years in a prison colony.

In addition, she was banned for four years from managing websites that publish information.

She was convicted of spreading false information about the Russian armed forces.

On March 4, a new law was passed in Russia, allowing people to be punished with 15 years in prison for providing “false information” about the war in Ukraine.

Marina Ovsgannikova was not afraid to show her dissatisfaction with the Russian war.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

In a statement issued before the ruling, she described the charges against her as ridiculous and politically motivated.

– Of course, I do not admit my sin or deny anything I said. I made a very difficult choice, but it was the only morally right thing to do. I’ve already paid a high enough price for that, she said in the statement.

Ovsjannikova left Russia last October with her daughter.

She was then placed on Russia’s most wanted list because she violated the terms of her house arrest while awaiting trial.

Since Russia began war against Ukraine last year, dozens of Russians have been sentenced to prison or fined for criticizing the country.

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