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Russian Embassy in London says Ukrainian soldiers should be hanged – VG

Viktoria Domich, married to a Ukrainian soldier, holds a banner in support of the soldiers of the Azov Regiment who were captured by Russia in May after the fall of Mariupol. On Saturday, there was a demonstration in Kyiv after about 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed in an explosion at a concentration camp in Donetsk.

The Ukrainian authorities condemn the statement of the Russian Embassy in London in which it called for “humiliating” executions of Ukrainian soldiers.


Russian Twitter message It was published on Saturday evening, following a heated exchange following an explosion that killed about 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war in a concentration camp in Donetsk.

Authorities in Kyiv believe that Russia deliberately killed POWs, while Russia alleged that the Ukrainians attacked the prison and killed themselves “to dissuade Ukrainian forces from surrendering”.

Among the dead were members of the Azov Regiment, a unit of the Ukrainian National Guard based in Mariupol and central to the city’s defense. In Russian propaganda, this unit is portrayed as Nazism.

– Azov militants deserve to be executed, but not by shooting, but by hanging, because they are not real soldiers. And the Russian embassy wrote in its Twitter message that they deserved a humiliating death.

The message also included a video allegedly showing a couple in Mariupol. They claimed that they were shot by Ukrainian troops holed up in Azovstal’s steel mills during the fighting in the city.

Russia is a terrorist country. In the twenty-first century, only barbarians and terrorists can speak on the diplomatic level that people deserve to be hanged. Andrei Germak, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff, says Russia can be considered a state sponsor of terrorism.

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Mariupol was razed and razed to the ground by the Russian invasion forces while capturing the city. It is not known how many people have died in the fighting there, but the Ukrainian authorities have said the number is at least 22,000 civilians. The number has not been independently confirmed.