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Białoruś czasowo wstrzymuje przesył ropy do Polski - tak informują rosyjskie i białoruskie media. "To prawda, ale nie ma w tym żadnej sensacji" - twierdzi polska strona.

Russian media: Belarus suspends oil shipments to Poland

According to Russian and Belarusian media, Belarus is temporarily suspending oil shipments to Poland. “It’s true, but it makes no sense,” the Polish side said.

“From 12:00 today, Homeltransnafta will suspend traffic in the direction of Adamovo-Jastava for 96 hours to carry out planned work on the Belarusian section of the Trushpa pipeline,” Transnift spokesman Igor Dion told reporters.

This shutdown is routine and is related to the Trushpa pipeline renewal. It will last until June 12. Companies like Arlan are ready for it.

The suspension of pressures is in accordance with the monthly schedule provided by Transneft. (…) Technical breaks lasting 1-3 days from the East are regular and occur in practice every month because PERN is reported – PERN spokeswoman Katarsina Krasiska convinces Poland to manage pipelines running through Poland.

On May 8, it was reported that Transneft would adjust the distribution schedule via the Trushpa pipeline due to problems at the Putkovis pumping station in Slovakia. Products have been reduced via Budkovis due to technical issues with one of the raw material recipients, which is to be maintained for two days, the company said.

So the question remains: Why do the Russians write, “Belarus suspends supplies to Poland”, like the revenge of Alexander Lukashenko For our cooperation with the opposition? Experts argue that the Kremlin media is trying to heat up the atmosphere and provoke conflict in this way.