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Russian media: threatened with rape if he did not become a soldier

Russian media: threatened with rape if he did not become a soldier

People walk past large advertising posters urging people to sign a contract to join the Russian armed forces. The closest “real man’s work” poster. The photo was taken in St. Petersburg.

Relatives of two young Russian men claim they were beaten and threatened with rape if they did not become conscript soldiers.


It is the independent Telegram channel “Mozjem Explanation” Who writes this. This is a medium funded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, an oligarch who was imprisoned in Vladimir Putin’s Russia and now lives in Switzerland.

The case concerns two young Muscovites, 22-year-old Ivan Dubenko and 20-year-old Yevgeny Komarov.

Their relatives and friends claim that both are too ill to serve.

They alleged that the two were beaten and threatened by the military enlistment office.

The issue has not been discussed in the Kremlin-controlled media. However, several independent media outlets quoted Telegram.

Victory Day: Russian paratroopers on Red Square on Victory Day on May 9.

The police took the two men from their home, according to “Majim Jashenet”. Families claim that they are not suitable for military life: Dubenko suffers from a disease of the spinal cord, while Komarov suffers from asthma and a depressive disorder. However, both of them have undergone health checks and are staying in military camps.

Elizaveta, a friend of Ivan Dubenko, says he was told he was pressured and strangled by the recruiting officers. While they were choking, they are said to have said, “Now we will cure OsteonecrosisOsteonecrosisMain Medical Encyclopedia: Osteochondrosis is an end-of-generation alteration of bone and associated cartilage. for you”.

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He is said to have been threatened with being “rape with a stick” if he did not sign the conscription papers, it was reported.

Pavel told Dubenko’s friend “Mozjem jashinit” that he had been promised that the military police would investigate the case.

Both were denied their mobile phones. The reason for that was because the military camp was a sensitive facility, thus this kind of duet was illegal. However, the two young men managed to contact their relatives.

The relatives filed a complaint with the Military Prosecutor, the Armed Forces, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and the Moscow Ombudsman Tatyana Butgaeva.

Human rights activist Elena Popova, who works for an organization for conscientious objectors, claims she has never heard of physical violence in military recruitment offices before.

– But in the last year, the degree of violence has increased in society, including where there was no violence before, she said.