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Russian NHL star vs. Putin

Russian NHL star vs. Putin

For the first time, it is clear that the Russian NHL player is against the war. Nikita Zadorov (28) also reveals that Russian hockey players are divided.


Calgary Flames defenseman made the comments in an interview with popular YouTube analyst and Kremlin critic Yurig Dodd, which was reproduced by, among others. Komsomolskaya Pravda And

He says NHL players from Russia tried to organize themselves after Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022 — but ended up in two camps.

-We divided into two camps. On the one hand – a propaganda camp, on the other – a well-elected one, in my opinion.

The “propaganda camp” refers to those who believe the Kremlin’s propaganda justifying the invasion of Ukraine.

He says it was Florida goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky who took the initiative to make a joint statement. But it never came.

Celebrating: Nikita Zadorov celebrates with teammates after scoring against Anaheim in April 2023.

Dud Zadorov confronts that he grew up in Moscow and moved to North America when he was seventeen. So what does he really know about life in Russia? Would he have supported the war as well if he had been there and played in the KHL?

– I don’t know. I understand all those who need to feed their families. Guys who play in the KHL and wear jerseys with them “Z”“Z”The “Z” became a symbol of support for the Russian war in Ukraine. – They all think mainly about their families. Unfortunately, the world is such that people abandon their moral principles if they have to feed their families.

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Zadorov says there is uncertainty among NHL players about whether they might lose their visas in the United States and Canada.

Star Alexander Ovechkin shows he is still a staunch supporter of Putin.

Alexander Ovechkin was not mentioned directly, but indirectly. Ovechkin is Russia’s greatest NHL player of all time and supports President Vladimir Putin wholeheartedly.

Washington Capitals captain Instagram profile It is still decorated with a picture of him with Putin.

In contrast, Zadorov criticized NHL legend and current CSKA coach Sergei Fyodorov, who came out in support of what Putin calls a “special military operation.”

– I was shocked when I read his statements, Zadorov tells Dodd.

Reactions to Zadorov’s interview have already arrived. Soviet hockey legend Alexander Kozhevnikov tells Komsomolskaya Pravda:

– Wondering which spy service he works for? asks Kuznikov, thinking that Zadorov only comes up with “nonsense” and “shit.”