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Russian presidential planes may be used for passenger flights due to sanctions

Russian presidential planes may be used for passenger flights due to sanctions

Photo by Vasily Alexandrov/TASS

According to Russian press sources KommersantThe Special Aviation Squadron (SLO), which serves the Russian presidential administration led by Vladimir Putin, plans to sell decommissioned Tu-214 passenger aircraft to commercial airlines.

These planes are old planes that are more than 20 years old and need to be restored, and this will certainly cost a lot of money. However, given the fact that Russian companies do not have access to spare parts and new aircraft due to Western sanctions, this may not be such a bad deal.

The Red Wings airline has been indicated as being interested in acquiring the Tu-214 aircraft. Other airlines participating in the discussion also suggested they would consider a specific purchase. “according to price”provided that some guarantees are guaranteed that increase the useful life of the aircraft, which is currently limited to 20 years.

Financial firm Ilyushin also addressed the situation and commented that the sale of the aircraft could be beneficial to Russian owners of foreign aircraft, who cannot fly outside Russia due to sanctions, and are at risk of seizure.

Kommersant also previously reported on the possible sale of old Tu-204 and Tu-214 aircraft, owned by Ilyushin Finance Co/Rostec, which were previously used by Red Wings, Vladivostok-Avia and Transaero. The planes were not airworthy at the time and were between 12 and 16 years old.

Then, the Tu-214, manufactured in 2002, went on sale in January, with a price tag of no less than $3.8 million. The repair cost was estimated at another $13 million, but the sale was not completed. No other details were provided.

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