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Ruy Duarte takes over the interim reins of Braga, with Daniel Souza already signed for two seasons

Ruy Duarte takes over the interim reins of Braga, with Daniel Souza already signed for two seasons

In a press conference, the Braga president revealed: “We made the decisions with the team in mind. We have reversed that in the last few days. The transitional solution, until the end of the season, will be Rui Duarte.” From the 2024/25 season, for two seasons, the coach will be Daniel Sousa [atual treinador do Arouca]. “We signed the contract on Tuesday evening.”

The manager stated that Arouca demanded one million euros to release Daniel Souza immediately, but this claim did not hesitate, as Braga was not available to pay this amount just seven matches before the end of the season. Excitingly, the two teams will face each other in the next round of the tournament, in Minho, next Saturday. “No serious person can believe that our opponent and his coach will not do everything in their power to make our task as difficult as possible,” Salvador said.

Regarding the departure of Artur Jorge, Salvador was decisive. “Last November we renewed the contract with Artur Giorgi until 2025, and our intention was always to deliver a message of great confidence and stability. I do not deny that in the following months there were some internal and external sources of protest, but it was a big surprise when I learned, indirectly, that Artur Jorge was having dinner last Monday in Matosinhos with businessman John Textor. [acionista do Botafogo]”, said the Braga club president.

“It became clear to me and to everyone within the team that the position of leadership had been compromised. Given the important goals that the season held for us, I did not expect the coach to question the leadership he always exercised over the group,” he added.

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Regarding Ruy Duarte, Salvador highlighted: “Fortunately, we have very competent professionals in our homeland and the past confirms this. Ruy Duarte had a very good season with the U-23 team, having also led the team that competed in the Youth League.” “A level that has made the club and Portuguese football proud. You will have our full support in these last seven rounds, but above all, you will have the support of a serious and responsible working group, which has 100% great quality.” Focus on achieving the best possible ranking in the tournament.”