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Ruy Pedro Braz went to Malaga to solve Ricardo Horta's problem

Ruy Pedro Braz went to Malaga to solve Ricardo Horta’s problem



So the captain of the Eagles failed the trip to Lodz.

Rui Pedro Braz, Benfica’s sporting director, was in Malaga with the aim of trying to resolve the contractual stalemate related to the “Ricardo Horta operation”. For this reason, the leader of the Eagles was not in Lodz yesterday, the Polish city where the Eagles completed the victory that left the group stage from champions to seed.

It is run by a judicial official who, after a serious financial problem, considers Málaga to be entitled to 67 per cent of the financial rights of the Braga striker, so he will be entitled to extensive compensation in a possible move to Benfica. 5.8 million euros is the amount Malaga believes they are entitled to, which could prompt the player himself to go forward with a complaint to FIFA, given the opposite version he has of the same.

The president of Braga, Antonio Salvador, was unaware of the Benfica leader’s trip, which in turn may be another source of discontent with this process that has been going on for several weeks.

The striker even said goodbye to Braga fans, thinking he was on his way to Luz.

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