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Ryan Reynolds reveals difficulties dealing with mental health issues

Ryan Reynolds reveals difficulties dealing with mental health issues

RJan Reynolds said it’s not always easy to manage his mental health.

The 46-year-old actor admitted that he sometimes feels “out of control” and that his ability to deal with the matter depends on the moment he finds himself in.

During the annual “Revels and Revelations” gala for Bring Change to Mind — a mental health nonprofit founded by Glenn Close — the actor was asked about how he manages his mental health issues.

“Honestly, it’s not always great. I definitely have my little rituals and that kind of thing, which helps me stay grounded and keep my mind from spiraling out of control… Sometimes I’m pretty good at that, and other times I’m not,” he revealed to Page Six. .

To combat “crises,” the actor said he focuses on meditation, as a way to “make time” for himself. “I tend to overwork myself when I’m in this downward spiral. I realize that and try to manage everything the best I can.”

It must be remembered that on previous occasions Ryan Reynolds spoke openly about his struggle with anxiety, which he has dealt with since childhood.

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If you are suffering from a mental illness, are having self-destructive thoughts, or simply need someone to talk to, you should consult a psychiatrist, psychiatrist or general practitioner. You can also contact one of these:

SOS Voz Amiga (between 4pm and midnight) – 213 544 545 (toll free)

– 912 802 669 – 963 524 660

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Conversa Amiga (between 3pm and 10pm) – 808 237 327 (toll free) and 210 027 159

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Esperança phone (between 8pm and 11pm) – 222 080 707

Friendship Phone (between 4pm and 11pm) – 228 323 535

All of these contacts ensure that the identity of the caller and the person answering is never revealed. On SNS24 (808 24 24 24 – you must select option 4), communication is handled by health professionals. The SNS24 line operates around the clock.

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