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Ryanair prepares for another attack on Tap.  The company is making an unprecedented decision

Ryanair prepares for another attack on Tap. The company is making an unprecedented decision

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After winning its first legal battle against the subsidy of € 1,200 million for TAP before the General Court of the European Union, Ryanair will also continue its appeal against a European Commission decision that will aid the Portuguese air carrier by another 462 million.

“We will analyze and prepare the appeal when the decision is published,” he said officially by the European Commission Year A Ryanair official source for the budget authorized by Brussels in April.

It should be noted that at the end of last April, the European Commission gave the green light to Request temporary assistance To TAP, with an amount of € 462 million. The government requested the subsidy in March, and it will be borrowed in one lump sum.

However, as of last Tuesday, the funds had yet to be delivered to TAP, and the circumstances associated with them remain unknown. Brussels says this loan “can be converted into equity,” similar to what was planned for the 1,200 million already implemented last year.

Margaret Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission in charge of competition policy, said at the time of the mandate announcement, that the assistance in question “will allow Portugal” TAP compensation For losses incurred as a direct result of the travel restrictions. “

According to the published statement, and “in order to ensure that there is no overcompensation,” the measure “expects that Portugal will, by September 2021, review and report to the Commission on the amount of losses it has actually incurred, after an independent verification based on the company’s audited accounts.” .

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Any public support TAP receives exceeds the losses it has already incurred To PortugalBrussels warned.

Those 462 million are being used to help meet this year’s TAP financing needs, until the anticipated European Commission approval of the government’s restructuring plan in December.

TAP will have a workers representative

According to Expresso, Faucet He will have a workers representative on the board of directors, What is unprecedented in the life of the company And in Portugal in large companies.

The proposal came from the Ministry of Infrastructure, at a meeting in which all TAP unions and the Workers’ Committee were represented.

The proposed candidates can be nominated by unions and workers’ representatives Introduced by May 28The elections will be held on the third of June.

They qualify as candidates working for TAP, the TAP group, or active companies, but in this case they will have to suspend the employment contract during the term of office for which they were elected.

On the other hand, all employees of the selected TAP Group companies will be able to vote in the elections, with each worker entitled to one vote. The validity of the electronic vote count will be validated by a representative by the supervising ministry and the secretary of TAP SGPS.

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