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Sa Pinto and the Punishment: "The Commander of the National Republican Army is a big liar"

Sa Pinto and the Punishment: “The Commander of the National Republican Army is a big liar”

As in the first leg of the play-off, Ricardo Sa Pinto will not be able to sit on the bench in the second match against Desportivo de Chaves due to suspension. Coach Morrence blamed the GNR captain for his suspension.

“In the midst of this whole process, it is of course not easy to dismiss me as a coach and captain. It is a great injustice. The captain [da GNR] Orlando Mendes was very irresponsible. He must have had Superman’s ears to hear what he says he heard, when that would have been impossible in the middle of the field. I do not understand the evil and the speed of decision-making, in the face of images that prove the opposite. I didn’t make obscene gestures. “I didn’t say bad words,” he told a news conference.

Ricardo Sa Pinto received a 15-day suspension and a fine of €2805, for the incidents that occurred at the end of the defeat against Vesela (4-1), on the 34th and final day of the match, which combined with a draw between Tondela and Boavista. (2-2), led Guimarães to the play-off.

“I was waiting for someone to say something, but they think it’s perfectly normal when there are very serious cases that take a year to court. That can’t happen. Even because of my characteristics, everyone knows the overall impact I have on leading my team and I feel I can help them through match,” according to his analysis.

According to the report of the Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), which included the testimony of the captain of the GNR team, the punishment of Morenes’ coach was justified by “damage to honour, reputation and slander. ».

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“This captain is a great liar. The people of the village of Moreira de Conejos have to revolt against this captain, who has put the success of this club in jeopardy. Nobody says or says anything, but do you know what will happen? It will be against everything and everyone. It is still this It makes us stronger and more united and on Sunday we will stay in the league,” he looks forward.

The report details that after the final whistle by referee Nuno Almeida, Sa Pinto addressed Fisella supporters who saw two gestures and two words from the coach “as provocative”.

“There are gestures in the air and I too hug myself towards the fans. Is that enough to get a coach out of the final, where the success of a team, 11 months of work, a village and thousands of people are at stake? For God’s sake. It’s a revolution inside me and it made me so sad. No. I can understand how this happens in football. There has to be some sensitivity in this situation,” he said.

The coach’s appeal was dismissed by the FPF CD hours before the meeting in Trás-Os-Montes.

“At most, I accepted that they gave me some warning because I was acting less assertive and celebrating with another team’s fans. Now, getting two games out of suspension when they simulated Tondela’s goals throughout the match? My players were nervous on the pitch and asked if Tondela had Score a goal. As you can imagine, there was a lot of flavor at the end and an adrenaline rush,” he noted.

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Moreirense and Desportivo de Chavez will face each other on Sunday, 7:30 p.m., at Comendador Joaquim de Almeida Freitas, in Moreira de Conejos.

The defender needs to win by three goals or, at worst, score two and the playoff ends in penalties with the goal of making their thirteenth, and ninth consecutive, presence in the elite, under a replay penalty. Editing the descent of 2004/05 and 2012/13 to the second league.