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Sa Pinto's reaction to the departure of the independence president: "I am shocked" - Internacional

Sa Pinto’s reaction to the departure of the independence president: “I am shocked” – Internacional

Iranian media say it is a political decision

Iran is going through a socially turbulent moment with daily demonstrations against the government. A protest movement that erupted after Mahsa Amini’s death on September 16 (allegedly violating the dress code for women in the Islamic Republic, i.e. wearing the hijab). Sports, specifically football, tried to make a statement. For example, many players did not celebrate goals. The consequences are beginning to be felt. Mostafa Ajurlu, the head of Esteghlal, was removed from the leadership because the club is known for its strong ties to the Iranian government. The country’s press says it is a political decision. Independence coaching is supervised by Ricardo Sa Pinto. “I was completely surprised by this situation. Absolutely nothing expected such a decision. Mr. Ajurlo has always been a president who has tried everything to create all the conditions for us to achieve the success that we are having and above all with the goal of fighting to be a champion. I was shocked, what I learned from the press and I will try Understand what happened to the president,” the Portuguese coach was shot in comments relayed by his press office.

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