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Safari 17 launches with user profiles and private browsing locked

Safari 17 launches with user profiles and private browsing locked

Along with macOS Sonoma 14, apple Released today Safari 17, the latest version of the company’s browser for Mac. It arrives with new features and interesting news related to privacy.

As in previous years, Apple has also released the new version of Safari for Macs running the previous two versions of macOS Sonoma: Monterrey 12 And the Ventura 13.

One of the main new features of the new version is the ability to create profiles, which allows you to keep browsing data (such as history, extensions and favorites) separated by sections such as “Personal” and “Professional”.

In private browsing, there is now a lock with Touch ID (or password) when the user is not using it – which is interesting in cases where computer/browser use is shared.

In addition, Safari has also started offering information related to searched terms in the address bar and also the ability to select multiple tabs to manage at the same time.

Other new features include sharing passwords between family members and the ability to automatically fill in verification codes also sent to the Mail app.

  • You appearance Keep your browsing separated by topics like work and personal, separating history, cookies, extensions, tab groups, and favorites;
  • a Enhanced private browsing Locks private browsing windows when you’re not using them, blocks known trackers from loading, and removes ID tracking from URLs;
  • a Simplified search Provides results that are more relevant, faster and easier to read;
  • a Choose multiple tabs It allows you to select multiple tabs at once and move them around the tab bar or create a group of tabs.

To update Safari, simply go to the Software Update section in System Settings. On this pageYou can check information about security updates for the update.

Some new features may not be available depending on the region or device used.

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