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“Safe Stories” from Ageas Portugal Group are back to inspire and move – HR

“Safe Stories” from Ageas Portugal Group are back to inspire and move – HR

The second edition of the project Safe stories She returns with Grupo Ageas Portugal, CNN Portugal and Havas Play to tell real, emotional and inspiring stories about the role of insurance in people's lives.

The aim is to demystify the work of insurance companies and highlight the importance of these services in times of pain, doubt or uncertainty.

“For the Ageas Portugal group, Safe stories “It is an excellent opportunity to show that we are here to support people even in the most difficult times, and to explain how insurance can make a big difference to their lives.” says Rui Rego, Head of Public Relations and Digital Communications at Ageas Portugal Group.

He added, “In addition, we are committed to supporting national talents, and giving young creatives the opportunity to excel in the audiovisual field, by producing these stories on video.” “We are excited to see the exciting stories that will be told in this second edition.”

Four true stories from clients of the brands Seguro Directo, Oeste, Médis, Clínica Médis and Ageas Seguros will be revealed through short films produced by young talents in the audiovisual field, in partnership with Media Capital.

As in the first edition, Diogo Morgado, actor, director and director, will mentor the shortlisted candidates, supporting and guiding the development of the project. “In a country where there are very few rewards, initiatives like this from Ageas Portugal Group are a valuable contribution for young creatives looking for an opportunity to assert themselves,” he highlights.

Registration is now open and contestants must choose one of the available true stories, and submit a general and specific implementation project in the artistic field in question. The shortlisted young people will also compete for the Ageas Audiovisual Award, with one winner in each category: Direction, Screenwriting, Photography and Editing.

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More information about the competition is available here.

Watch the video here.