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Saint-Gobain Portugal workers want to stop mass layoffs

Saint-Gobain Portugal workers want to stop mass layoffs

The workers of the glass company met on Friday in the municipality of Llores to make the mayor, Bernardino Soares, aware of the collective dismissal.

A delegation made up of workers from Saint-Gobain Sekurit Portugal and representatives of the Portuguese Federation of Building, Ceramics and Glass Unions (FEVICCOM) and the Confederation of the Glass Industry (STIV) went to the Loures Chamber to “reaffirm workers’ opposition” in the face of the collective redundancy the French multinational had anticipated.

The union stressed in a statement that “it is possible to prevent this economic and social crime, while affecting the economy of the municipality and the country, if there is a will.”

According to Lusa, “The municipality of Lores, in the Lisbon region, unanimously approved the proposal on Wednesday to repudiate the intention of the Saint-Gobain Securate company located in the municipality.”

The company announced, on Tuesday, that it will stop production activity in Portugal “due to losses accumulated in recent years”, after it had already begun the process of mass dismissal of 130 workers, Lusa reported.

According to the company, “Given the situation that over the past few years has resulted in the punishment of workers whose wages have been frozen, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Portugal will propose compensation higher than those provided by law, as well as benefits that complement the compensation value. Somehow help to compensate for the loss of jobs”.

The mayor of Lloris ensured his solidarity with the company’s workers.