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Saints Row will have a high level of customization

Saints Row will have a high level of customization

Ten years after the release of Saints Row 4, Volition will introduce Saints Row, a reboot of the series that leaves some concerns about descent into the madness that has become synonymous with the series.

In a recent interview with our colleagues at Eurogamer, Kenzie Lindgren, the interface designer, and Damien Allen, the in-game designer, confirmed that this is Saints Row that maintains the essence of the series, despite new features introduced, such as a special focus in customization.

From your character to clothes and cars, everything can be customized and a lot of efforts have been made to deepen this aspect, which will distinguish Saints Row.

“We definitely have a lot more customization than any other game currently on the market,” Lindgren says.

“But then, the simple fact that in the game we give you the same tools and give you the same ways to beat the scenarios and get around, you can complete the same missions and get the same rewards as other players, but no player will necessarily have the same experience.”

“With the level of customization and the level of options and tools we give you, two players are going to play it completely differently. I think that’s something really fun about Saints Row.”

Available August 23 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Saints Row is a game that Volition says maintains the essence of the series, while trying to take the formula to new heights.

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