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Salaries account for more than 50% of fishing expenses - DNOTICIAS.PT

Salaries account for more than 50% of fishing expenses – DNOTICIAS.PT

Good morning, this is the most important news of the diary.

More than 50% of fishing expenses go to salaries is the title representing the front page of this edition for Sunday, August 7, 2022. “Fuel weight appears only third in the cost structure with ships,” we add. “The regional government is making an accounting radiography of activity that took in $2 million in 2 years,” summed up our address. Read more on page 3.

On a day that should have been a celebration and dedication, it ended in the worst way. Tragedy casts a shadow over the gathering It is the address that no one wants to give.We show that the death of an 8-year-old girl, after being carried by one of the competing vehicles, in Encumeada, overshadows the 63rd edition of the competition won by Alexandre Camacho/Pedro Calado.” To read between pages 18 and 21.

In sports too, “Maritimo suffers a heavy defeat in Dragao (5-1) when the first league returns,” in the event log you can read on pages 22 and 23.

Growing concern about reliance on ‘technology’ This is another great title that deserves attention and a read. “Nelson Carvalho warns: Addiction to substance-free causes more ‘headaches’ than medication. There are already hospital admissions in the region due to the Internet,” we highlight what you can find on pages 10 and 11.

Finally, Culture, with a simple title, but important to the sector and a specific association, Teatro Experimental do Funchal. CMF increases financial support for TEF Which you can read on page 38.

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In addition to these articles, a lot can be found in your regular diary, in paper form or online, whether you’re a subscriber in either case, or a reader who buys your copy from a newsstand.

Happy Sunday and happy reading.