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Salma Hayek Remembers Harvey Weinstein's Insults for Being 'Ugly' on 'Frida' Recordings

Salma Hayek Remembers Harvey Weinstein’s Insults for Being ‘Ugly’ on ‘Frida’ Recordings

After being one of the main voices in the #MeToo movement – where dozens of women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment – Salma Hayek has come back to talk about the abuse she suffered from the film’s former producer.

In 2017, when the scandal came to light, the actress wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, revealing the “nos” she’s said over the years she’s worked with Weinstein. Not letting him see me shower. Not letting him massage me. Not letting a naked friend massage me. Not letting him have oral sex. Not getting naked next to another woman. No, no, no, no, no … “, He said.

Now, in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, 55-year-old Salma Hayek recalls moments from the filming of the movie “Frida”, which was released in 2002. According to her, the producer described her screaming: “Why do you have one? [monocelha] And a mustache? I didn’t hire you to be ugly! “.

If a man was translating [o escritor] Cyrano de Bergerac wasn’t saying, “What’s up with [grande] nose? “

In a 2017 article, the actress, who is part of the cast of the upcoming films ‘Os Eternos’ and ‘Casa Gucci’, stated that she was never physically assaulted by Weinstein for being friends with people like Robert Rodriguez, George Clooney and Quentin. Tarantino.

Asked about this statement by The Guardian, the actress confirmed: “I was also very strong.” I didn’t just say no. She emphasized that I am very strong and should be recognized for that. “He never saw me so fragile. It’s not that he wasn’t afraid, but he couldn’t see himself. I could be scary with my quiet strength, do you understand?”

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The actress added that Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2020 for rape and sexual assault, was “neither the first nor the last man” to frighten her, stressing that it is a “systematic” problem in Hollywood.