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Salvador Sobral will be a father for the first time

Salvador Sobral will be a father for the first time

Salvador Sobral And the Gina Thiam Prepare to be parents. The musician, who launched on Friday, September 2, dedicated the four-song digital EP “Sal” to one of the songs for the child.

“Join them ‘Canção para Aïda,’ an original, with lyrics by me and music by Leo, which I dedicate to my next daughter. This whole record, made up entirely of stories, is designed so that one day you can hear it”And the It reads in a press release, quoted by pass.

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, under the slogan “Amar Pelos Dois”, revealed the gender of the girl, the girl, and it looks like she will be named Aida.

While in my live concerts I like to convey and awaken all kinds of human emotions, here I was only interested in conveying feelings of peace and serenity. Gina took all the photos illustrating this project with an analogue camera. For all the reasons I mentioned above, for this project referring to the private and intimate space, it can’t be someone else’s. No videos or gifs, because I didn’t want to adapt people’s perception. I want you to embark on this journey with your head free and your heart open. Make them feel at home.

The 32-year-old actress and the 31-year-old Belgian actress have been married since December 2018. The couple had the intimate ceremony in Lisbon, at Fábrica do Braço de Prata.