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Samsung already has Android 15 (One UI 7) out for the Galaxy S24

Samsung already has Android 15 (One UI 7) out for the Galaxy S24

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Public testing of Android 15 on the Galaxy S24 should begin soon.

a Samsung Most likely it is the device manufacturer Android Which handles operating system updates for your devices best. As expected, the company is already testing Android 15 Internally, which will be known in the company as Single user interface 7.

Now, the new information that has been presented in social network It reveals that Samsung already has a test build of Android 15, or One UI 7, for the series devices Galaxy S24And these assemblies already exist on the company's servers. From what you can see, the structures in question are characterized by abbreviations S928BXXU2BXE8 / S928BOXM2BXE8 / S928BXXU2BXE8.

The source of this information does not provide details about the innovations that the South Korean giant's programming team will be able to implement with the release of the company's interface, but some information leaks have appeared in recent weeks. Samsung will likely try to improve consumption management, perhaps introducing new specific features that allow users to customize the way they use the device, and it will almost certainly increase AI-based functionality, as this is the current trend in the mobile phone sector.

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Android 14 betas for the Galaxy S24 appear on Samsung's website

To launch the first beta versions of One UI 7, we will have to be patient until the summer, while the update can begin to be implemented for all users, that is, in the form of a stable version, for the first models by the end of the year.

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