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Samsung announces new soundbars with Dolby Atmos technology, 3D surround sound, and more;  see price

Samsung announces new soundbars with Dolby Atmos technology, 3D surround sound, and more; see price

Samsung presents Monday (04) a new Monday Amplifiers To enhance the experience of its cinema users when watching TV or playing movies via broadcast.

The manufacturer announced the “HW-Q990B” and “HW-S800B” days after the date Adopting its new line of QLED smart TVs. Both offer advanced features in a simple design that fits any room style. Next, check out all the details of the new audio accessories that will debut in South Korea.

Samsung HW-Q990B

Introducing the HW-Q990B, the most advanced advertising amplifier 3D surround sound using 11.1.4 channels – 11 speakers, subwoofer and 4 vertical speakers – with Dolby Atmos technology. When connected to a Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, the sound field consists of a total of 22 audio channels, 16 of which are from the accessory and 6 from the TV itself.

The model also features Q-Symphony, a feature that uses full array speakers to create a synchronized surround sound system with an immersive in-band experience. To connect to the TV, the accessory is not limited to HDMI inputs and also supports connections via Wi-Fi.

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Other features of the HW-Q990B include profiles that fit the speakers for gaming, movies, music and other scenarios; and support Alexa And the Google Assistant to operate voice commands that can even control your smart home via SmartThings.

Price and availability

The Samsung HW-Q990B will initially be available in its home country, South Korea, in two color options: black or white. a The suggested price is 1,890,000 won, which is about 7,170 BRL In the current transfer excluding taxes.

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Samsung HW-S800B

The strength of this model lies in its ultra-thin design, which is comparable in height to a Galaxy Watch 4 – 38 mm high and 40 mm thick, to be more precise. There are 3.1.2 channels that support Dolby Atmos.

As the most advanced version of the “S” series, the HW-S800B integrates a redesigned acoustic lens for the subwoofer, so lower tones are amplified with better dispersion and minimal loss of detail in dynamic versions.

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To keep it compact, the version avoids multiple HDMI ports and offers only one output. It can also be connected to the TV through Wi-Fi or with other devices via Bluetooth. The LED indicator allows the user to see the connection status and other information about the speakers.

Price and availability

The Samsung HW-S800B will have the same black or white color options as the HW-Q990B, as well as a brown option that “matches the color of The Frame”, according to the manufacturer. price will be 899,000 won, about 3,400 BRL in direct conversion.

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