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Samsung announces the launch of Galaxy Ring, the smart ring of the future

Samsung announces the launch of Galaxy Ring, the smart ring of the future

a Samsung He just introduced something new: galaxy ring, A smart ring that promises to offer something to talk about. He showed off a little of it at a recent event, but hasn't provided more details until now. It's still a mystery about the cost and when it will be available for purchase, but it has already revealed several interesting points about the product.

For all fingers

This ring will come in several sizes from 5 to 13, and will be marked from S to XL to help you choose the right size. It has a different design, somewhat curved inward, unlike other rings that are rounded on the outside. It will have three color options: black, which looks like ceramic, silver, and gold.

Take care of your health in style

But the Galaxy Ring isn't just pretty. It comes with many features to help take care of your health. It can monitor your heart rate, how many breaths you take per minute, how you sleep, and even whether you move too much at night.

It is even able to tell if you have signs of sleep apnea, a condition that causes a person to stop breathing during sleep. And if you already use a Galaxy Watch, you'll be happy to know that the ring and watch together can take better care of your watch. health.

See how you are

Not only does the ring care about your health, it also gives a “score” for your well-being, taking into account your daily activities, how you sleep, your resting heart rate, and even how that rate changes.

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If you want to set goals, you can set health goals and track your progress using a feature called Boost Cards, which is part of the Samsung Health app.

For now, only for Galaxy owners

Initially, the ring will only work with Samsung Galaxy phones, but they are already thinking about making it work with other Android phones later.