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Samsung Lapsus$ dados atacantes Galaxy

Samsung confirms hackers stole Galaxy smartphone code

The information is still sparse, but Samsung has surely seen access to sensitive information. The hackers announced this situation last weekend, which proves that they were able to carry out this attack.

With so much at stake, Samsung decided to unlock the game and reveal the information it already has. It confirmed the attack, but confirmed that no personal information was stolen from its customers or employees.

Those responsible for this attack are well known, including the Portuguese. The Lapsus$ group was responsible for several attacks in our country, which led to the loss of information from some media and other regions.

This time the victim was Samsung, which saw 190GB of data removed from its servers. The company has now publicly acknowledged the issue and made sure to take all necessary measures to prevent this situation from happening again in the near future.

There was a security breach related to some internal company data.

According to our initial analysis, the breach includes some source code related to managing Galaxy devices, but does not include the personal information of our customers or employees.

We do not currently anticipate any impact on our business or our customers. We have implemented measures to prevent further accidents of this nature and will continue to provide continuous service to our customers.

From what the company has revealed, the theft will focus on its software. Specifically, the source code for the Galaxy family's mobile device management software will be sourced, which is a future issue for Samsung.

Pecking order data for Samsung Lapsus $ Galaxy

In the data you provided, Samsung ended up neither confirming nor denying the identity of the attackers to its systems. However, from what the attackers revealed over the weekend, it turns out that it was the work of the $ Lapsus group.

This same group was responsible for the NVIDIA attack. In this case, the company ended up being blackmailed by attackers, who wanted to remove the limits of cryptocurrency mining from some GPUs. It is not known whether Samsung in this case will face a similar situation.

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