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Samsung confirms it is using AI to design Exynos chips

A Samsung spokesperson confirmed to Wired that the company is using Synopsys AI software to design its Exynos chips. However, the company has not confirmed whether the IA-designed chips have come into operation. production to date, or in products that may appear.

a Samsung She confirmed that the company will use artificial intelligence (AI) to create its new chips and also added that it will use new software from Synopsys, a leading chip design software company.

spokesperson Samsung Wired confirmationThe company is using the software Synopsys To the to design your chips ExynosHowever, the company has not confirmed whether the AI-designed chips have entered production yet, or what products may appear in them.

while Samsung One of the first companies to design their chips using artificial intelligence, like other companies google it’s nvidia We were talking about designing chips using artificial intelligence. a tool Synopsys, called, could have an even greater impact, as the company works with dozens of other companies in the industry.

Samsung releases details of the Exynos 9825 chip and Galaxy Note 10 7 nm

A few months ago, researchers fromThe Google Describe the use of AI to organize components of the Tensor chips they use to train and run AI programs in their data centers. The next smartphone from google, Series Pixel 6It will contain a custom chip manufactured by Samsung.

As noted, in addition to Samsung e do googleOther companies are also engaged in AI-based chip design, including nvidia NS IBM. Then there is also a file Rhythm, competitor Synopsys, which is also developing artificial intelligence tools to help map projects for new chips.

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The current AI approach used by Synopsys And every other company is using a machine learning technology called reinforcement learning to design a chip. It involves training an algorithm to perform a task through a reward or punishment.

a technology It can automatically draw the basics of the design, including the placement and connection of components together. This is achieved by trying different simulation and learning projects that yield the best results.

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