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Samsung smartphones dobráveis mercado vendas

Samsung dominates foldable smartphone sales in 2021

The response given by the market to foldable smartphones shows that this is truly the future. Sales numbers are not slowing down and more and more proposals are based on this new format, which is the choice of many brands.

The latest data shows that the field appears to have been handed over to Samsung, which has completely bet on foldable smartphones. The competition exists and also responds positively to its proposals.

There are more and more foldable smartphones

The future seems set for foldable smartphones to become a dominant reality. These already exist in various formats and have already managed to replace some of the models that have been classics and for sure in the smartphone market.

This is a less niche market to be an area of ​​interest for brands and consumers, with more and more fans. prove that Analysis Which shows foldable smartphone sales growth of 309% in 2021.

Samsung foldable smartphone market sales

Samsung dominates this growing market

This transformation is led by Samsung, which several years ago presented proposals with this design in its catalog. We have this tech giant dominating sales, 88% and absolutely, with its two latest models.

It's curious how the Galaxy Z-Flip 3 5G completely dominates the foldable smartphone area. 4.6 million pieces of this equipment were sold, accounting for 52% of the folding market. This new model received hardware improvements and managed to reduce its price.

Samsung foldable smartphone market sales

Sales are supported by many other brands

In second place in this market, we have another Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, which managed to put 2.5 million units on the market. It is worth noting that Huawei ranked third with 0.9 million units and 10% of the market with the Mate X2 and P50 Pocket devices.

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The market seems to be reacting, and we're already seeing other proposals coming from brands committed to innovation and difference. Both Xiaomi and OPPO have proposals in the market, although not globally, and they are expected to make them grow even more very soon.