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Samsung fans: There are some complaints about the new Galaxy S24

Samsung fans: There are some complaints about the new Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy 24 was released relatively recently. This new generation of mobile phones from the South Korean brand is selling at a good rate all over the world. So much so that, as reported by SamMobile, a Samsung specialist, overall sales of the series increased by 8% globally.

The new cell phone brought many improvements, from artificial intelligence (AI) features to faster processors, but there were those who were not completely satisfied with the product. According to the same information source, there are users complaining about face unlock and screen mirroring features based on Miracast.

According to SamMobile, other mobile phones do not have this problem

Illustrative image (via NOS and Wikipedia)

As for face unlock, the main cause for concern is the fact that the Galaxy S24 supposedly does not have the ability to recognize the user's face in low-light conditions. As SamMobile points out, other mobile phones don't present this kind of problem, in the same lighting conditions.

On this topic, Samsung Community Forum moderators have already created alternatives to respond to the issue. However, users indicate that the problem still exists, although Samsung, at the moment, has not commented on this situation, as a problem with the Galaxy S24.

Screen mirroring was not an issue on versions like the Galaxy A52, Galaxy S10+, or Galaxy S22 Ultra

Another issue reported by some users is related to screen mirroring. The same source of information indicates that there is no problem with this function on mobile phones such as the Galaxy A52, Galaxy S10+ or ​​Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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The Galaxy S24, in turn, will cause concern among some users, who are complaining of screen mirroring issues on their TVs.