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Samsung Galaxy S21 and Watch 4 receive sustainable accessories in celebration of Earth Day

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Watch 4 receive sustainable accessories in celebration of Earth Day

The Samsung Presented on Earth Day, which was celebrated last Friday (22), a series of new accessories produced with a focus on the sustainability of mobile phones. Galaxy S21 5G And the smart watch Galaxy Watch 4.

According to the South Korean brand, there are six new products in total and all are signed by American designer Sean Wotherspoon, who is known for his designs on shoes and other clothing items.

be Three case options for S21 and three other strap styles for Watch 4, all with a colorful and bold look. The graphics of the accessories contain elements that suggest a more sustainable lifestyle.

Products feature graphics of planet Earth, the sun, peace symbols, leaves, and raindrops. models Available in three gradesnamed Dawn (beige), Orchid (pink) and Rain (blue).

you Galaxy Watch 4 users can still download custom faces with the same look Eco bracelets to complete the set. This customization can be obtained through the Google Play Store for free.

New cases and bracelets can be purchased at official Samsung stores for $50, which is about R$245 in direct transfer and tax-free. There are no expectations for these products to arrive here in Brazil.

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sustainable construction

According to Samsung, The six accessories are produced using thermoplastic polyurethaneThe material is fully biodegradable and can be recycled more easily at the end of its use cycle.

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Another point is that the brand has committed to not using plastic in the packaging of the accessories, which has a stylish appearance. Artist Wotherspoon highlighted that the box’s design means it can be reused for other decorative purposes.

Did you like the accessories? Do you want them to officially arrive in Brazil as well? Tell us in the comments below!

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(Updated April 26, 2022 at 12:20 PM)