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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE briefly appears official

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE briefly appears official

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(Pocket-lint) – Soon after we saw official-looking renders of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it officially appeared briefly on Samsung’s own website in Germany before retiring.

The Fan Edition of Samsung’s Android tablet should come with most of the features in the pricey S7 +, but with some adjustments to cut costs.

It has been reported Powered by That the tablet really was Active on Samsung Retail Page In Germany, but verification has since revealed that it is no longer there.


However, it has been active long enough to take a look at what the tablet has to offer. One of the main differences between this and the Tab S7 + is the internal processor.

The Fan Edition has an octa-core Snapdragon 750G processor and 4 GB of RAM, instead of the more powerful Snapdragon 865+. It also has an LCD instead of OLED, but it shares a 12.4-inch size of the Plus model.

Other details revealed include an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera that is conveniently placed along the taller frame for use in landscapes.

Since it’s a Samsung tablet, it makes sense that it supports the larger S Pen tablet (optional plug-in) and includes DeX, allowing you to use it with a traditional desktop interface.

SamsungSamsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is officially shown in Photo 3

As for the design, it is not surprising here. It’s very similar to the current Tab S7 + and has already leaked extensively. These leaks also include the pink and green colors, which are also expected to be released at some point.

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The key point here for FE is price, however. We do not know the price in the UK or USA, but when the page was published, its suggested retail price was 649 €, which is much less than 900 € + Tab S7 Plus and slightly cheaper than the lower price of the regular Tab S7.

Written by Cam Bunton.