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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6: New images reveal the design and show a surprise

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6: New images reveal the design and show a surprise

On July 10 (date not yet confirmed), Samsung will present all its new foldable devices in Paris. Among these devices is the Galaxy Z Flip6, which has now been showcased on the web.

New images reveal the device's new clamshell design and also a surprise: the model now has a larger camera.

The new images were revealed by leaker Roland Quandt, on the social network X, and were designed using external protective covers. Although it retains the same design as the previous model, the new Flip6 has two important changes.

The first big news is that the model has larger camera sensors than its predecessor. Samsung is expected to make some changes here to improve the model's photographic capabilities.

Unfortunately, there is no advanced information about the rear camera specifications, but the model is expected to have, at the very least, larger sensors that let in more light to improve the quality of the results provided.

The other new feature is in the columns. In the new model, there is only one slot to accommodate the speakers instead of the two in the previous model.

And remember, previous rumors indicate that this model is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and has screens of the same size as the previous model. Let us then recall the main features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.