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Samsung has launched a version of the Galaxy S23 5G phone with 512 GB storage capacity – Arkade

Samsung has launched a version of the Galaxy S23 5G phone with 512 GB storage capacity – Arkade

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S23 5G with an internal storage capacity of 512 GB. Maintaining the same aspects of the Galaxy line and its premium features, such as the Galaxy Nightography Camera and Snapdragon 8 Gen 23 processor, the model is available exclusively at Samsung’s online store.

“We want to give people more options to choose what works for their routine. As photos and videos become more visible, it’s essential to have more space and flexibility to store data and special moments without worry.highlights Daniel Currie, Senior Director of E-Commerce at Samsung Brazil.

The Galaxy S23 5G with 512GB of internal storage features night photography capabilities, powered by powerful new artificial intelligence (AI), which optimizes photos and videos in different lighting conditions. Whether in intense sunlight or low-light environments, it is possible, according to the manufacturer, to clearly capture the world around you or take high-quality selfies.

The Galaxy S23 5G cameras offer fast autofocus and the first Galaxy Super HDR selfie sensor, increasing the frame rate per second from 30 fps to 60 fps, delivering noticeably better front-facing photos and videos. For even more creative control, the S23 5G includes the Expert RAW app, exclusive to Galaxy smartphones, allowing DSLR-style images to be captured and edited in RAW and JPEG formats, as well as Astrophoto capabilities to capture clear images of the Milky Way.

The Galaxy S23 5G with 512 GB of internal storage will be available from Thursday (9), exclusively in the Samsung online store, for the suggested price of R $ 7,499, in Black, Green and Cream.

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