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Samsung introduces Galaxy AI, artificial intelligence designed specifically for the Galaxy S24

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Samsung has just announced a new AI tool designed specifically for its smartphones. I’m talking about Galaxy AI, which will bring a new set of features to the brand’s equipment, starting with the Galaxy S24.

After learning yesterday about the South Korean generative AI – Gauss – we now have the announcement of a product derived from this tool. As the company states on its page, Galaxy AI is “the new universal intelligence for phones.”

Galaxy AI The artificial intelligence you’ll find in Samsung smartphones

It is important to emphasize right away that Galaxy AI has nothing to do with Bixby. The now-announced tool will be smarter than Samsung’s virtual assistant and will open the doors to a new world of possibilities on Galaxy devices.

Without any major surprises, Galaxy Ai will make its debut in the Galaxy S24 phone that will be announced in early 2024. It will be deeply integrated into One UI and will enable “barrier-free connectivity, streamlined productivity, and unfettered creativity.”

Samsung Gauss, which South Korea introduced yesterday, should be the basis for the development of Galaxy AI. In other words, what the company revealed yesterday is different from what we are discussing now, however, they will have a deep connection.

We still don’t know in detail everything that Galaxy AI will bring to Samsung smartphones. However, the company did give us a small example of how this tool changes call translation on its devices.

Galaxy AI will act as a personal translator and perform its functions in real time. It will be integrated into Galaxy product calls and will bring real-time voice and text, making communication between individuals speaking different languages ​​much easier.

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All the tasks inherent in this function will be handled locally, thanks to new processors with their own mechanisms that facilitate this. This means that the privacy of participants in these calls is properly guaranteed.

We can now wait for more details about Galaxy AI to be released. Such details will certainly be revealed very soon and the potential is huge.

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