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Samsung está enviando atualização para o  Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung is sending out an update for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

a Samsung It just released a new update to its flagship device, the Galaxy S21 Ultra The fifth generation network. The patch brings update Male in appearance From device to package Security on May 1, 2021, lately , And make some general improvements. The most notable changes are in Improved camera and enhanced Quick Share feature.

New update is sent only for the best version of Galaxy S21. Therefore, other devices in the line should not receive the news at this first moment. It is possible that more models in the future will receive the improvements sent, but nothing has been confirmed yet and there is no date this will happen.

The new firmware has a version number G998BXXU3AUDA And the download size is large, approx 1,2 GB. So far, only a handful of devices have received news from Germany and have already released the home screen for the update. There won’t be major changes, just general improvements. The rest of the functionality and design will remain the same.

These updates are sent by air with different shipments for each shipment produced. It takes a few weeks or days, depending on how the deployment is done, to reach all devices. There is no evidence yet that it was distributed to other countries, only German copies recorded the novelty.


We still do not know if the smartphones will officially receive the update from Samsung

It continues after the announcement

It is possible to manually check if updates are really available. However, once the update is released, Samsung will send a notification On your device indicating that the update is now ready to install. To check if your device is up to date, or if you have a new firmware available, just go to: Settings> Update smartphone software. Remember, the released version contains the number G998BXXU3AUDA.

It is expected that by the first week of May, the news will already be installed on more Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G devices on its devices, in many countries around the world. If it’s already available on your device, leave it in the comments!

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