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Samsung is working on a new iPad OLED screen

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Samsung is working on a Two-Stack Tandem: a new long-lasting OLED display

The Samsung Seems to be working on new screen technology OLED to me an Apple. According to new information, this technology, now called “Two-Stack Tandem‘, in a very simplified way, from two superimposed light-emitting pillars. The displays will guide the new iPad, iMac and MacBook, which is essentially a mid-size format, and could hit the market between 2024 and 2025: the first device to receive this screen should To be the iPad Pro, the first to have an OLED display, slated for launch in 2024.

The main advantages should be noted mainly in terms of brightness and longevity of the panel, which can be doubled or quadrupled. According to the information provided, there are two main challenges that Samsung faces in the manufacture of “Two-Stack” OLED panels: production costs and color accuracy.

It is important to note that although Apple is one of the most important customers in this line of panels, which Samsung has dubbed the “T” range (from “Tandem”), it will not be exclusive: in fact, the first screen With the code name T1, it could first appear on a Samsung Electronics product – assuming the same use as Apple envisioned it, therefore, on the Galaxy Book or Galaxy Tab S, but not even a smartphone is ruled out (however, iPhones should continue to Use “M” displays one layer).

Rumors also speak of a possible use in the automotive sector, but little is known about it. However, we all know that it is true that the prospects for increased brightness and autonomy are particularly attractive in this segment, where the useful life of a vehicle can easily exceed 10 years. Moreover, even tablets and computers tend to stay in circulation longer than smartphones.

Mass production of the T1 monitors is expected to begin next year. Apple is notorious for being very cautious about introducing technological innovations at the component level because they want to make sure of their quality, so it’s no surprise that they leave the honor/burden to Samsung. At the same time, caution is also preferred for Samsung, which probably wants to avoid the end of the Bank of England at all costs, losing a customer of unparalleled size in the world. The second generation, aka the T2, should arrive directly on iPads.

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