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Samsung lança linha de calças de ganga projetadas para o Galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung launches line of jeans designed for the Galaxy Z Flip3

Fashion and technology complement each other and we often see some adjustments that have to be made. For example, there are workout pants that already have pockets that fit a modern smartphone, at one time jackets were released with slots in the pocket for the passage of earphone cables, and even the pockets of jeans themselves increased in size so that 6 “smartphones were not left out.

With the Galaxy Z Flip3 foldable smartphones, large pockets are no longer needed so much, therefore, in partnership with the jeans manufacturer, Samsung has launched a line of jeans where the big pockets are replaced by a small one.

Jeans designed with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in mind

Samsung Australia, in collaboration with the country's jeans brand Dr Denim, has announced the launch of Z Flip Pocket DenimA limited edition denim that celebrates the unique foldable shape of the Galaxy Z Flip3.

The campaign wants to show that with the Galaxy Z Flip3 there is no longer a need for big pockets of jeans. Smartphones slip out of pockets and pants lose some of their elegance. So, in these pants, the pockets are completely eliminated ... and a new one was created, where the Galaxy Z Flip3 fits perfectly.

Given the style of the pants, there's no way not to go back to the 2000s, when pants had leg pockets in a wider style, even if they were simpler.

According to Samsung, this foldable smartphone pocket is convenient and safe to carry.

These shorts are part of a limited edition, with only 450 pairs produced and costing $1,499, with the smartphone included. For those who live in Australia, you can purchase them through the Dr Denim website.

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