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Samsung launches new Evolution smart refrigerators in Brazil at competitive prices

Samsung launches new Evolution smart refrigerators in Brazil at competitive prices

Samsung has launched four models of Evolution Double 2-Volt refrigerators in Brazil with an economical inverter motor, Wi-Fi connectivity for smart features accessible via app and at a competitive price. Yes, it is different from what we are used to when we hear about new big devices with smart functions, The new Evolution line of Korean refrigerators does not have the same cost as a used Celta refrigerator.

Includes the relevant models The evolution of the RT38, RT42, RT53 and top of the line RB50, all complete with a modern design and build that's compact on the outside but spacious on the inside and compatible with the manufacturer's SmartThings ecosystem. This last point allows, among other things, Control device features with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce device power consumption – which actually promises to be low, thanks to the digital inverter compressor.

Smart features

By connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi and the SmartThings app, all refrigerators in Samsung's new Evolution line have access to AI Energy mode, Which analyzes device usage patterns in your home and allows you to determine the required limit of energy consumption in riyals, based on the average price of kilowatt-hours in each Brazilian CEP. When this limit is exceeded, the AI ​​associated with the refrigerator uses the collected data to optimize the compressor speed and defrost cycle of the appliance, which will allow it to use less energy.

You can activate AI Energy mode through the SmartThings app.

All variants in the line feature a digital inverter compressor, certified with an A+++ level of energy efficiency, which promises to be quieter and more durable than other technologies – so much so that Samsung highlights that the Evolution family comes with a 20-year warranty for this component. Furthermore, the new features feature POWERvolt technology, which essentially makes refrigerators dual-volt and more resistant to power surges. Supporting voltages between 90 and 310 volts.

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Inside refrigerators, an easy-to-access digital panel lets you control the appliance's temperature and other features without having to use the SmartThings app. You can also use the app to dim the LED lights inside the refrigerator whenever you want or turn it on automatically with Night Light mode to reduce the light after a certain time of the night.

All models also feature flat doors, integrated handles and a straight design with SpaceMax technology, allowing the walls of the product to be thin, expanding internal space without increasing external volume.

Samsung internal digital panelThe interior panel allows you to control some of the refrigerators features.

Models, sizes and prices

In total, there are four refrigerator options in Samsung's new Evolution line, three of which (RT38, RT42 and RT 53) are double-doors with separate doors for the fridge at the bottom and the freezer at the top. The fourth is the RB50 inverted duplex, which moves the freezer to the bottom and is the most advanced in the family.

The smallest model ever is the RT38, which has a total internal capacity (fridge + freezer) of 391 litres, is available in stainless steel or black stainless steel and has a suggested launch price of R $ 3,899.

Evolution of the RT38 RT42 RT53 RB50Templates come in different sizes and features.

Just above this line is the RT42, which offers 411 litres, and to these two color options adds a third (beige) and has a removable multi-purpose compartment for cans or glass and an Optimal Fresh+ drawer that allows you to switch between four storage modes. Different types of food while preserving their flavour. This variant costs R$ 4499.

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The RT53 has the largest interior space of the entire Evolution family, at 518 litres, and has all the features we've already seen in the RT42, plus a two-stage retractable shelf, allowing you to choose between keeping extra support for food across the full depth of the fridge, or shortening it. Only halfway up or fully raised to allow for easier storage of jars, boxes, bottles or other large foods. The RT53 is available in stainless steel or beige, and is priced at R $ 4,899.

Samsung refrigerators evolutionThe RB50 is the most complete model ever, featuring a reversible door.

Finally, with a capacity of 462 litres, the RB50 is slightly smaller inside than the previous model, but has the same features and adds a reversible door, allowing you to choose to open the fridge from the right or left to best suit your needs. Kitchen and space planning. This option is also the only one in the family with a quick freeze function, which pumps a blast of cold air into the freezer to freeze food and make ice more quickly. The colors available in this option are stainless steel or black and the suggested price is R $ 5699.

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