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Samsung patent shows Galaxy with transparent and 'stretchable' screen

Samsung patent shows Galaxy with transparent and ‘stretchable’ screen

A new series of patent filings carried out by Samsung Which is identified by the website MySmartPrice Details of what could be the future generation of smartphones from the Korean giant, with screens that expand instead of the foldable panels of the current Galaxy Z line.

In the image below, we see, from left to right, the device with its screen extended to use the keyboard for texting, its screen retracted to show a notification, and finally the back cover.

A Samsung patent shows a compact cell phone with an expandable screen (Photo: Playback/MySmartPrice)

The last figure shows the main camera assembly and part of the rear screen. According to the document itself, this could be a secondary display independent of the front panel or even a “transparent area of ​​the screen and an opaque area”.

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This way, users can take advantage of the full panel on the front and only part of it to take selfies with the rear cameras. Other methods of use can also be leveraged by technology.

Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip successors?

The mechanism can also be implemented horizontally (Image: Reproduction/MySmartPrice)

The patent describes another use of an expandable screen which, instead of being vertical, allows the screen to be enlarged horizontally, turning the phone into a small tablet.

The solution is more straightforward than design Galaxy Z Fold 3which turns into a small tablet by opening the screen to reveal the internal flexible screen.

This device will also make use of the opaque or transparent area of ​​the screen, allowing the screen to display content as well for the back area.

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OPPO The 2021 X showed the technology could be applied, but the prototype has yet to be sold to consumers (Photo: Reproduction/Brandon Le Proctor)

As always, it is important to note that patents do not always lead to the release of the described devices. Although the technology exists, its cost is high and its launch may not be possible at the moment.

The projects may be under study by Samsung, but until we get more concrete details about their development, it is better not to build expectations for a short-term release.

source: MySmartPrice

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