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Samsung releases an unexpected update for the Galaxy S8 |  cell

Samsung releases an unexpected update for the Galaxy S8 | cell

cell phone Galaxy S8 e S8 Plus Received a security update last week, even after Samsung Ultimate device support. The manufacturer already sent another update in September and came back to include it in December. The software is only for repairs, not for upgrades to newer versions of the system.

The phone arrived in Brazil in 2017 with a 5.8-inch curved screen, 12-megapixel camera, and other innovations at the time, such as facial recognition.

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the Galaxy S8 Presented with Android 7 The update was guaranteed until Android 9. with end support Samsung, in 2019, the model failed to receive a release Android 10. Even with the decision not to give support to the S8 family’s software, they’ve received two security packages this year alone.

To date, the modernization has reached models in Europe, where France was the first country to register the novelty. The patch is expected to soon reach other locations, including Brazil.

The encrypted G95xFXXUCDUK1 firmware is responsible for the November 2021 security patch. It fixes some privacy flaws that could expose mobile phones and consumer data.

S8 and S8 Plus user must be informed of the update via a notification. However, you can check the availability in the settings. To do this, just access the settings of your cell phone, search for “Software update” and check if there is anything there. If the device is able to receive, you will need to click on “Download and Install”.

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