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Samsung: relatos de baterias inchadas em smartphones incomodam sul-coreana

Samsung: Reports of swollen smartphone batteries bother South Korea

Complaints about different models of smartphones are circulating on the Internet. Samsung With a troubling problem: Battery swelling. A video clip on the topic was published last Tuesday, September 27 on the technology channel known as mrohosithepos. The video has reached more than 3 million of views in just over three days. This is not the first report of a similar situation in South Korea, but technological advances would make it difficult for the accident to happen in this way.

Aaron Mainresponsible for the channel, stated that the situation may affect models available worldwide, such as Galaxy S6 (2015), Galaxy S10 (2019) and up Galaxy Z fold 2 (2020). Batteries “swell” after the devices have been turned off for a while. The feature is not detected in other competing brands, such as ASUS and the An apple.

Maine stated that the situation could affect models available worldwide, such as the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S10, and even the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The Samsung The influencer sought to clarify the situation, but did not comment publicly on what happened. The video that led to the complaint was as follows:

Android Police reported that other YouTubers have seen the same issue on Samsung smartphones

according to tweet Below, other influencers note similar problems with the company’s mobile phones. Marquis Brownlee (MKBHD) posted on his social media profile:

Evidence suggests that frequently used smartphones do not usually show signs of battery swelling; However, those that run after long periods of inactivity pose the risks described above. Minay mentioned that Samsung issued this statement:

We are aware of this and are looking into further technical evaluations. Customers who have questions about their Samsung device are encouraged to contact their local Customer Service Representative.

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