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Samsung – Smart Monitoring Line from Home to Office ⋆ We’re the nerds

Samsung – Smart Monitoring Line from Home to Office ⋆ We’re the nerds

The M5 27″ and M8 32″ smart displays are designed to meet users’ key demands for work, study and entertainment activities.

Samsung has revolutionized the work and entertainment experience at home with its smart display line consisting of the 27-inch M5 and 32-inch M8 models. These smart screens are designed to adapt to all dimensions of life, providing a seamless transition between the work environment, study moments, and of course, fun. We highlight the key differences in this Samsung line, which is focused on providing the best multitasking user experience.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor 32 inch

Work without a computer

With remote access to Office 365, it is possible to increase productivity using the software features built into Samsung Smart Monitor. With the ease of Microsoft 365, you can view, edit, and save documents in the cloud. Easy Connection lets you work remotely from your school or office desktop, even when you’re at home.

Smart Hub with entertainment apps

Marathoning series just got simpler with easy access to entertainment and streaming apps, such as Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and HBO, without having to connect a PC or laptop. The remote control and built-in speakers simplify leisure and relaxation times.

Smartphone content on a larger screen

Wireless DeX unlocks the full smart display experience, allowing you to use smartphone apps directly on the display screen. AirPlay integration makes it possible to connect Apple devices for a larger screen view and mirror apps, documents, and web pages. The Tap View function makes it easy to view photos and movies on a larger screen with a simple tap.

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Samsung.  Illustrative image
Samsung M5 Smart Monitor 27 inch

For players, discover the hidden aspects of the game

Samsung’s smart display allows you to adjust the screen to a 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing players to discover hidden areas in game scenes with Ultrawide Game View. Imagine an expanded view of the field at football matches and a natural view of the road in racing games – with the brand’s smart display, this is now possible.

Adaptive brightness for your environment

The Adaptive Picture feature, found on all smart display models, automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light, providing an exciting picture during the day or night, even in bright light, without straining your eyes.

Experience the revolution in display technology with Samsung’s line of smart displays, offering unparalleled versatility to meet all your daily needs.

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